Dedicated to Adult Little Girls aka Adult Baby Girls, Daddy Doms their relationship and the lifestyle.

We understand that there are many similarities between Mommy Doms and Adult boys, however that isn’t our experience so we can’t really call ourselves experts.   The first thing that we would like to do is to dispel a myth.  A true Baby girl-daddy relationship is not a sexual relationhip, that is what we often referred to as “Age Play.”  Age play is pretend and often linked to sexual encounters by those of differing ages.       We describe The “lil” – Daddy Dom relationship as a relationship that often runs smoothest when the lady in the relationship’s emotional, and physical needs are met as if they are at a specific age and it is likely a full-time lifestyle.  Very similar to Bradshaw’s use of “inner child.”who's your daddy

People often refer to girls in this situation as baby girls, adult littles, just littles or li’ls.    We will use these terms interchangeably, however there are some specific “age” related terms that help identify the level of maturity of your li’l.

  • Littles – Often a generic term for this type of relationship.  A little or Baby Girl often refers to the youngest ages in this lifestyle. Most of the time this can be toddler through adolescence.  Often times li’ls in this mindset are naïve, gullible and will use baby talk as they explain their needs.  It is important that these terms are not considered derogatory, but describe the level of maturity at this level.  Doms within this category need to be very mindful of this, with any kind of expectations, rules, disciplines and rewards.  Often times Li’ls at this level are hidden and only come out to show their true colors under very safe environments.  Daddies, we are talking to you here!
  • Middles – Littles that fit the “middle” description are similar to tweens.       They are at the age of identifying themselves, and establishing their own identity.  As they express themselves they will start to be more interested in more advanced “kid” type things.    They understand that people are deceitful, and also likely to expect most others to be deceitful.   They are a little bit more reserved and less quick to believe others as they are more skeptical.     This is a tricky li’l to work with as they will protect themselves and based on life history, can often be very stubborn about this.
  • Big – Bigs are often specified as teenage years.  With Bigs brings teenage attitude, opposition, independence and stubbornness.   This group can be wild and unruly and will often challenge authority at will.   Bigs are able to communicate better than the other levels, but are also able to be deceitful as well.   If they need to protect themselves, they will do so very well.     This group is also able to play their dom, and often will choose the path of discipline as they enter the world of a true submissive/dominant relationship.   Hints of “bigs” can be seen in many pop culture references including Anastasia and Grey’s relationship in the 50 Shades Trilogy.

Similarities for all littles

Similarities among all of the groups is that just like children, they will choose to have negative attention if they are not getting positive attention.    Doms need to make sure that they are taking care for all of their subs needs, with special consideration for the age appropriateness in rewards, discussion, rules, expectation and discipline.  It is especially true for the emotional well being for the li’l.   In many situations that we have seen, a li’l doesn’t even understand they have these needs, and often times even worse is that they have had a dom that knew and took advantage of them. as until they have a true understanding of this lifestyle and relationship, they are often lost until they understand this dynamic.  Like Naughti, it wasn’t until she found a friend online that explained this when she was really able to open up and begin to understand and therefore enjoy life.

Of course, like everything these are just guidelines and often times you will find your li’l operating in a range of maturity levels, requiring careful watch, by their poppies.

Another area all three eras have in common is the person in the submissive role requires additional teaching and emotional care appropriate to the emotional state they need.   There are many similarities in traditional dom/sub relationships with an extra element of protection with this guidance in mind.   All of the typical guidelines and rules that fit in a dom/sub relationship also apply. These include:

  • Joint understanding of roles
  • Soft Limits/Hard Limits
  • Safe words
  • Scene discussion
  • Aftercare

Punishments, Discipline, Stories, insights and more

We are working feverishly to get our site up to par.  We are adding lots of articles and stories to help provide support for our lifestyle.   We already have some on our favorite topics, Punishment and Discipline, Personal insight as a babygirl and more being added.

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