how to find a daddy dom

How to find a Daddy Dom?

This is a common variation of a question that we get all the time.    The email we get starts out like this: Hi, I live in California (Idaho, Florida, Arkansas etc.) and I am 20 (30, 25, 80 etc) and I weigh 200 (100, 250, 350 etc) and I am a baby girl, but […]

comfortable as daddy dom

How can my daddy be more comfortable with his role?

Welcome to the first post of which is likely to be a popular segment on our blog.    Our page has become much more busy and popular than expected and we get emailed questions pretty regularly.   We will take those questions (anonymously) and share our answers in an effort to help others in the […]

what is a daddy dom?

What is a Daddy Dom?

What is a daddy dom?  This single question is why we started this site.  A Daddy Dom is a slight variation from a traditional dominant in a dominant/submissive relationship in that they must consider their subs inner child dynamic.    A typical top/bottom or dom/sub relationship has is based upon a relationship in which the […]

favorite punishments

My Favorite Daddy Dom Punishments

Part of the fun of the Daddy Dom life style is giving and receiving punishment.    Here are some of our faSo you have been participating in the Adult Little, or Daddy Dom lifestyle I am sure that you have some go to punishments that are sure to work every time.   One of my […]

good girl jar

Rewards for baby girls, what is your favorite?

Naughti’s Favorite Rewards, as a baby girl The best rewards are those that come from the heart.  Even for this babygirl who loves toys and purses.  😉   Of course just a quick, “good girl” makes my heart soar.  To know he saw what I did, and approved of it, gives me the needed nudge […]

dom and sub relationships

Why Dominant Submissive Relationships Work so Well

Dominant Submissive Relationships and Why They Work There are many angles to a dominant submissive relationship.   Whether you are looking at a daddy dom relationship, a sub/dom relationship, or some variation like 50’s lifestyle relationships, they all rely on one factor, the responsibility to love and obey.    I was recently talking about this […]

all about baby girls

All About Adult Baby Girls

Adult Baby Girls or Baby Girls are grown women who like to let their inner child make appearances in their day to day life.   Adult Baby Girls are often not found far from their “Daddies” who are their boyfriends or husbands that take on the role of caregiver for their baby girls.   The […]

dominant daddy stories

Daddy Dom Books

Love Daddy Dom Books? Of course you do and so do we, from subtle daddy dom influenced interactions of the rich and powerful with the inexperienced and innocent to more overt Adult Little titles we dig them.  Like any writing there are some great books out their for your kindle or other electronic reading devices […]