My Favorite Daddy Dom Punishments

Daddy Dom Punishments

So you have been participating in the Adult Little, or Daddy Dom lifestyle I am sure that you have some go to punishments that are sure to work every time.   One of my favorite elements of this lifestyle is the creativity that I can use to help bring “Naughti” back in line.    Punishments can take several forms and let me share some of my favorites:

  • Corporal Punishment
  • Humiliation
  • Grounding
  • Privilege Removal
  • Alternative Solutions

Lets take these one at a time:

Corporal Punishment

This is likely the most common punishment and is well enjoyed by most Daddy Doms and there littles.   In fact I have yet to meet a Daddy Dom or Little that doesn’t love to give or receive a little spanking.   Of course l’ils will often act out in minor ways just to get a quick swat on the ass.  Of course it gets to the point in some situations that more that a quick pat is needed.   This is when spankings can get a little more severe and can utilize some spanking tools.   The evil paddle, switch, flog, or even belt can be used to instill some discipline, order and serve as a threat in the future.   Of course each little will have their hot buttons and things that work better than others.   My favorite corporal punishment is to literally bend Naughti over  my knee, bare her ass and spit on it,  give it a nice rub, and a firm crack with my hand.     Pending the trouble, Naughti may end up with a handful of these, each culminating in intense anticipation and resolve that the punishment is over creating both a punishment and a reward at the same time.


Combining the Daddy Dom lifestyle with other alternative lifestyle and you can create some interesting punishments.  Humiliation or making my l’il do things that she is either embarrassed to do, or doesn’t want to do in public.   When Naughti is acting up, I will create some ideas of things that she won’t like to do, and explain to her that she is out of line and if she doesn’t come into line I will make her do whatever it is that strikes my fancy.   This will often  include dressing in costume for a night on the town, or providing some service that she really hates to do.    The point with this is to bring your li’l into line.   It is important not to abuse this option and realize that this relationship dynamic is a win/win relationship for both people and you should like the service or humiliation to take place and your li’l needs to be a willing participant.   They did choose to continue to misbehave after giving clear guidelines and consequences afterall.


Of course, just like dealing with teenagers, grounding your little is a great punishment.   My groundings will often be for several days, and will usually involve removal of iPhones, or other electronic gadgets.   Basic and Straightforward.  I usually save this for when Naughti is in serious trouble!

Privilege Removal

Similar to being grounded, privilege removal involves preventing privileges.  Most li’ls have some privileges or things they like to do.   They act out and need correction? take away these privileges.  Perhaps it is a spa day, or nail day, or even a night out with their sissies.   These are all privileges that should be earned!

Alternative Solutions

Some of my favorite punishments fit under this category.   I will often hold “Talon” Naughti’s favorite stuffie as ransom.  If that doesn’t work, I will bring out more severe punishments from the BDSM world.  Perhaps some bondage, or mind control tricks, but the ultimate is the threat of putting Naughti in the closet until she behaves.   I have yet to have to put her in the closet, but have come close.

Granted these are just a basic overview, their are an unlimited amount of cruel and even more cruel punishments for your little who isn’t behaving appropriately.  Again, remember this is a win/win relationship  and you need to spend some time discussing these and establish your own set of rules.     We would love to hear your ideas, comment away!